Options Vigra Video Overlay

Realtime overlay of text and graphics on top of live video pictures


Options Video Graphics

  • Video + graphics mixing is not linked to the VGA display, so overlay program can run in the background while the PC is used for other tasks
  • User can define multiple overlay pages, and save / select pages using standard Windows file operations
  • Still-picture feature with storage, reload and print operations
  • Video pointer with freehand sketching
  • Length measurment function with flexible calibration
  • One to three video channels
  • Individual overlay setup on each channel. Also a common layer which will appear on all channels simultaneously




Technical information

  • 1 to 3 video channels in a single overlay box.
  • Composite or S-Video (Y/C) video IN and UT. Internal format-conversion possible.Also HD-SDI available on certain systems.
  • Both PAL and NTSC versions (software configurable)
  • Use standard PC keyboard, mouse and VGA monitor for overlay configuration.
  • Interfacing to external data through serial ports, network TCP/IP sockets, or optional analog interface cards (ADLink, Advantech, National Instruments, other on request…)
  • Can usually be integrated in customer PC, specific requirements on request. Usually a free PCI slot will do, but hardware compatibility problems do exists. Operating system is Windows 2000/XP.

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