Hyperbaric Test Chamber

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We have in-house hyperbaric testing capability

Innova provides pressure testing services at pressures up to 460 bar, simulating operating conditions at up to 4600 m of ocean depth. The 1000 l volume pressure vessel allows customers to cost-effectively qualify and proof test equipment in compliance with industry standards.

9 off through hull penetrators are available for hydraulic and electrical connections, enabling simple and efficient set-up and condition monitoring during testing. Hydraulic operated lid and overhead crane enables quick and easy installation.

The pressure test system facilitates automated pressure-cycling, data logging and visual monitoring via integrated subsea cameras and lights as required.

Pressure tests are performed by qualified personnel, according to applicable standards including API 17D/F and ISO 13628.

The test reports can be provided in the form of graphs and/or logged data. Check out the complete list of specifications in the datasheet.

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