In-House cable moulding and termination capability

Combining a large stock of high quality subsea connector and cables, Innova offer custom cable assemblies.

Representing and stocking world known brands like BurtonSeaconGisma and Hydrovolt , we can offer a quick turn-around on the most commonly used connectors whether supplied individually or as part of an assembly.

We provide reliable cables for the most demanding environments whilst meeting customer requirements. Our highly trained technicians will help to find the best possible solution for you.

We can offer

  • Cable and connector termination
  • Water blocks
  • Splice – multiple breakouts
  • Oil filled hose and standard dry mate connectors
  • Encapsulation of PCB boards and RF-id.
  • Insulation testing
  • Cable tags
  • Solidworks, CAD drawing and required documentation
  • On site test, repair, termination & moulding