Sonardyne SPRINT-Nav Mini

SPRINT-Nav Mini is the world’s smallest hybrid acoustic-inertial navigator.

An all-in-one subsea navigation instrument with performance beyond its size. It replaces separate AHRS, DVL and depth sensors. Less cabling. Fewer connectors. Simpler to mobilise.

SPRINT-Nav Mini, like all instruments in the SPRINT-Nav family, is more than the sum of its parts.


Measuring in 215 mm in height, 149 mm in diameter and weighing in at approximately 3.6 kg in air – or 7.1 kg for the 4000 m depth version – for something so small, SPRINT-Nav Mini packs a big punch for observation-class, electric and drill support work-class ROVs. Use it also in support of unmanned systems working in GPS denied environments, as well as towfish, diver swim-boards and swimmer delivery vehicles.

SPRINT-Nav Mini is powered by the same hybrid acoustic-inertial navigation algorithm you’ll find inside our established SPRINT-Nav family. This combines the strengths of all the sensors contained within to provide robust, precise and accurate outputs. It continues to work even in challenging environments and provides a continuous stream of orientation, velocities, depth and altitude at up to 200 updates per second.

SPRINT-Nav Mini arrives pre-calibrated from the factory, meaning there is no need to manoeuvre your vehicle every time the unit is mobilised. SPRINT-Nav Mini does the thinking for you, all in a single plug-and-play unit. Turn it on, give it a latitude, and away you go. However, despite its extremely small size, it’s still a true north seeking gyrocompass which won’t drift over time unlike MEMS-based systems. The output can be fed directly to your own (or a third party) user interface or vehicle control software. The simple Web User Interface makes set up and configuration painless. It could not be any simpler.

Two versions of SPRINT-Nav Mini are available; a 300 metre, and a 4000 metre depth rated unit.

  • Ideally suited for subsea vehicle guidance, control and navigation
  • Size, weight and power optimised; perfect for smaller vehicles
  • Powered by our class-leading SPRINT hybrid navigation engine
  • Gyrocompass simplicity with hybrid acoustic-inertial navigation performance
  • Cheaper than the three separate sensors it replaces; DVL, AHRS and pressure sensor
  • What’s in the box: SPRINT-Nav Mini, mounting plate, test lead and cable tail
  • Warranty: 1 year return to Sonardyne service centre
  • ITAR Controlled: No
  • UK Export License: TBC

Technical information


  • 300 m and 4,000 m depth rated options
  • Heading accuracy 0.5° (secant latitude)
  • 0.1° Pitch/Roll accuracy
  • Better than 0.4 cm/s velocity precision (<2 m/s at 50 m altitude)
  • 0.3/200 m min/max altitude
  • 0.1% FS depth
  • Up to 200 Hz output rate



  • 215 x 149 mm, 3.6 kg weight in air (300 m version), 7.1 kg (4000 m version)
  • Acetal Copolymer (300 m) or Titanium (4000 m) housing construction
  • Mounting plate, choice of top or bottom mounting location
  • 11-pin Size-A CRE connectors x 2. Custom connectors on request
  • User friendly Web UI makes it easy to integrate and simple to operate



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