Tritech Super SeaKing DST

Dual Frequency Digital CHIRP Sonar

The Super SeaKing DST sonar is the ultimate mechanical scanning sonar. Ideal for WROV ROV and AUV installation offering 360 degree field of view.


The V7 Super SeaKing DST mechanical scanning sonar now offers enhanced performance and the option of Ethernet communication for high speed scanning over short ranges. Retaining dual frequency capability, the Super SeaKing DST can achieve 300m range at 325kHz, with increased image intensity and with improved mid-water target discrimination capability at 650kHz.


  • ROV/AUV obstacle avoidance
  • Target recognition
  • Harbour surveillance
  • Port security


  • Multiple communications options
  • Reliable, robust, proven design
  • Two operating frequencies
  • Easy integration
  • Tuneable frequency ranges


  • Ethernet, ARCNET, RS232 and RS485
  • Composite material transducer
  • 4000m or 6800m depth rating
  • Digital CHIRP

The SeaKing is further enhanced with a software controlled power isolation switch for Auxiliary Port output. Ideally suited for ROV/AUV obstacle avoidance, target recognition and harbour surveillance, the Super SeaKing DST can be supplied to operate down to 4000m or 6800m. Aluminium and Titanium housings are available as well as a number of connector options.

The default configuration of the Super SeaKing DST utilises Tritech’s propriety connector, upgraded to provide Ethernet communication capability while retaining all of the benefits of this industry recognised connector.

With the option of Ethernet, ARCNET, RS232 and RS485 communications, the Super SeaKing DST is simple to install on ROV/AUVs of all types.

Technical information

See datasheet for more information



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