Actuator Running Tool

Subsea Actuator Running Tool

The Actuator Running Tool (ART) is designed and tested for retrieval and installation operation of subsea hydraulic actuators up to 10.500kg. The key features include a DNV 2.7-3 lifiting frame and an adjustement mechanism integrated. The Actuator Running Tool lands on a subsea structure using configurable guidepost and mini-guide posts for fine guiding. Integrated soft-landing…

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Intervention tooling control systems

component board of a intervention tooling

Based on standardised subsea control building blocks, Innova have delivered a number of electro-hydraulic control systems for subsea intervention tooling applications. Our continously expanding family of networked control modules and the LINK family of fibre optic communication products, combined with in-hous electronics, mechanical and hydraulic design expertise, enable us to provide customised solutions for any…

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hydraulic valve pack

RTS III is the third generation of the Remote Tie-in System operated by Aker Solutions. Innova designed and manufactured the electro-hydraulic control system for the RTS III, replacing the older, PLC-based control system used on RTS I and II. Based on Innova’s modular subsea controller technology, the RTS III control system i a far more…

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