Remote Offloading System

Sunken ships and vessels may contain oil and chemicals that are harmful to the environment. FRAMO’s Remote OffLoading System (ROLS) is designed to drain sunken vessels for harmful chemicals, eliminating the risk for spills. The ROLS is a free-flying ROV incorporating a drill and offloading system for penetrating vessel hulls and pumping out chemicals, operating via an electro-hydraulic control and communication system provided by Innova.

The control system consists of a fibre optic communication system based on Innova’s LINK fibre multiplexer; a hydraulic control system consisting of intelligent valve packs; and advanced navigation and positioning system using DVL and INS to position the unit on the sunken vessel; and a system for camera control and sensor monitoring.

The system was developed and manufactured by Innova, in close cooperation with Client FRAMO. The open arcitechture of Innova’s subsea controller products allowed the Client to quickly develop own control software and interface the subsea control system to their topside control.