Sonardyne Ranger 2 USBL

All USBL systems calculate position by measuring the range and bearing from a vessel-mounted transceiver to an acoustic transponder fitted to a moving target or placed on the seabed. But not all USBL systems do it with the accuracy and precision offered by Ranger 2


We’ve taken everything that made our original Ranger system so effective and advanced it to the next level. That next level is our award-winning 6G (sixth generation) acoustic hardware platform and Sonardyne Wideband® 2 digital signal architecture which work seamlessly together to deliver the best possible USBL positioning performance and operator experience.

Vessel and vehicle hardware is easy to install and configure. It can track your equipment to beyond 6,000 metres and update its position every second. It’s engineered for shallow water, deep water, high elevation and multi-user operating scenarios. And if your vessel’s fitted with a DP system – regardless of what make it is – Ranger 2 can interface with it.

Every survey, ocean science, DP and seismic exploration project is different; different water depths, different vessels and different targets to position. But that shouldn’t mean you need a different USBL system for each one.

Ranger 2 comes with an impressive list of standard features. As your needs grow and become more complex, so too can the capabilities of Ranger 2 thanks to software feature packs available in three versions; Survey, Dynamic Positioning and Professional – all of which can be remotely activated* in the field.

*Subject to having the appropriate hardware available on board




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