Tritech Super SeaPrince DST

Compact Imaging Sonar

The Super SeaPrince utilises the same Digital Sonar Technology (DST) composite transducer and Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse (CHIRP) technology, offering exceptional clarity and resolution as a dual frequency mechanical scanning sonar.



The Super SeaPrince DST is a compact sonar with many of the features and capabilities of the industry leading Super SeaKing DST. The broadband transducer within the Super SeaPrince DST allows it to be tuned between 500kHz up to 900kHz, for maximum range and higher resolution in this single frequency sonar.


  • Survey and observation
  • Light work-class ROV
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Target identification
  • Port and harbour surveillance


  • Compact and robust design
  • Hard boot provides extra protection
  • Wide bandwidth
  • High resolution


  • 4000m depth rating
  • CHIRP sonar tuned to 675kHz
  • True acoustic zoom
  • Instant scan reversal
  • ARCNET, RS232 and RS485

Utilising the latest electronics and composite transducer technology the Super SeaPrince DST provides increased target definition at all ranges. Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse (CHIRP) technology dramatically improves the range resolution, providing greater definition at long range, compared with conventional sonars.

Supplied as standard with two connectors, the Super SeaPrince DST can accommodate auxiliary inputs on this second connector. This allows the user to input data from third-party sensors without the need for additional channels on the communication interface. Using ARCNET communication the Super SeaPrince DST can run alongside other Tritech products from the SeaKing range, with all data displayed on the industry recognised Seanet Pro logging and control software. The latest Genesis software package can also now accommodate the Super SeaPrince DST, as well as a range of other Tritech sensors.

Technical information

See datasheet for more information



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