Valeport Midas ECM

The Midas ECM is a highly versatile point current meter, designed with durability and ease of deployment in mind.


Valeport’s latest electronics architecture allows multiple additonal sensors, and a variety of communications options, making it one of the few multiparameter current meters that allows real time operations over several thousand meters of cable, as well autonomous deployments. The result is a versatile, easy to use instrument, ideal for use by oceanographers, hydrographers and surveyors who require a solid state, multi-parameter current meter.

Key features

Self recording and/or direct reading
Discus EM sensor [annular and spherical options
Flux gate compass
Continuous and burst sampling
Optional Conductivity, Temperature, Pressure, Pitch/Roll sensors
Optional built in auxiliary sensor port
Fast Response PRT Temperature sensor
Pressure balanced inductive conductivity sensor
Valeport EMLog″! Windows based user software
Programmable sampling regime
Data direct to PC
Direct computation of Salinity, Speed of Sound and Density
Large 1 Mbyte memory option
Sealed electronics module not exposed during battery changes
Long cable lengths
Stainless Steel or Acetal Housing

Technical information

Sensor                          Type                           Range                   Accuracy                Resolution
Current                        Valeport EM             0 – 5m/s              +/-1% reading       0.001m/s
Direction                     Fluxgate                     0 – 360o              +/-<1o                    0.001o
Pressure                      PiezoResistive           Up to 500Bar     +/-0.01%                0.001%
Temperature              PRT                              -5 – +35oC          +/-0.005oC           0.002oC
Conductivity               Inductive Cell            0 – 80mS/cm    +/-0.01mS/cm     0.002mS/cm
Turbidity                     Seapoint STM            0 – 2000FTU    +/-2%                     0.002%



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