Subsea Pull-in Winch

The subsea winch is hydraulically powered by a ROV or a subsea HPU and has a pull force of up to 10 ton.


Innova’s subsea pull-in winch is a robust and easily-operated tool with a pull force of up to 10 ton. The tool can be hydraulic operated by a ROV or a subsea HPU. The back run stop valve maintains line tension and the safety break is spring operated. Additionally a few options are also available:

  • Load cell for pull force verification.
  • High flow hotstab for powering the winch from Work Class ROV
  • 270 meter of 12mm Dynema Dextron 12 Plus fibre rope (breaking load 19 700 kg)

Technical information

Size: L 120 cm x W 80 cm x H 70 cm.

Net weight: 450 Kg



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