Compensator Filling Kit

The Offshore Compensator Filling Kit consist of a hand pump with reservoir, hose with valve, compensator retention tool and various fittings.


The offshore compensator filling kit provides the ability to replenish compensator fluid after maintenance of oil-filled compensated volumes. The pump cannister has a handle that in addition to the pumping function also can be used for lifting and carrying. To lift the pump the handle must be placed in locked position, cannister decompressed by pushing the relief valve and close the ball valve on hose to avoid oil spill.

Key features

  • Easy filling of compensators offshore
  • Easy filling of compensators in workshop
  • Universal kit used for several applications

The Offshore Compensator Filling Kit is a pump cannister equipped with flexible hose, ball valve and various fittings to ensure safe and controlled filling of compensated volume.

The compensator filling kit is a universal kit that can be used for several applications. This manual describes a general use of the equipment. Follow equipment user manuals to ensure correct filling of the compensated volume.


Innova-DataSheet-Compensator Filling Kit

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