RCU 3 Ch

3 Station Remote Control Unit

Subsea valve pack with 3 bidirectional, proportional directional controlled valves.

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Each channel features proportional pressure control with individual pressure sensor.

Inlet oil pressure and temperature as well as return oil pressure are also monitored.

Valve control and communication is provided by Innova’s PIO36 pressure tolerant controller boards, enabling full control of the valve pack via serial or Ethernet network (Modbus RTU or TCP).

Innova’s topside GUI software is used to control and monitor all functions of single or multiple valve packs. The valve packs can also easily integrate into Client’s existing control system.

Key features 3 off 4/3-way valves

  • Flow, directional and pressure control
  • Individual pressure monitoring on each port
  • Temperature sensor
  • 3000 m seawater depth rating
  • Interface for Oceaneering torque tool


Innova-DataSheet-RCU 3 ch

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