Valve Pack 5 Station

Subsea valve pack with 5 of ISO 4401-02 NG6 valves. Available with solenoid and/or proportional valves.


Valve control and communication is provided by Innova´s PIO36 pressure tolerant controller boards, enabling full control of the valve pack over a serial network. Innova’s topside GUI software is used to control and monitor all functions of single  or multiple valve packs. The valve packs can also easily integrate into an existing control system via serial or Ethernet network (Modbus RTU or TCP). The valve pack has a transparent lid and LED indicators on all functions, providing visual indication of operation during testing and diagnostics.


Key features

  • 5 off 4/3-way valves
  • Solenoid and/or proportional valves
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Temperature sensor
  • Connectors for external signals
  • 3000 m seawater depth rating

Technical information

Hydraulic Functions

5 off 4/3-way NG6 control valves.

  • Design pressure: 250 bar
  • Valve nominal flow: 5 to 80 lpm
  • Valve max pressure = 250 bar
  • Pressure transmitters on the P and T ports


  • Innova PIO36 pressure tolerant embedded controller
  •  16 x 24 V PWM or on/off function – 2A per function
  • 16 x analog inputs (16 bits ADC)
  • 4 x isolated digital inputs 24 VDC
  • Ethernet, RS232 or RS485 communication link
  • Max power consumption: 10 A @ 24 VDC
  • Water alarm
  • Temperature sensor


  • G1/2 hydraulic supply port
  • G1/2 hydraulic return port
  • G3/8 hydraulic outlets ports
  • G3/8 hydraulic port for drain and fill
  • G3/8 for comp. relief valve
  • 1 x 5506-2008 connector for power and communication
  • 3 x connectors for external signal


  • Hard anodized aluminium housing
  • Polycarbonate lid
  • Weight in air: 30 kg – In water: 18 kg
  • Length x Width x Height: 400 x 245 x 156 mm (excl. connectors)
  • External compensation
  • 3000m seawater depth rating


Can be delivered with standard Innova software with graphical user interface to control each valve, read sensor values, calibrate sensors and log data. Our software engineers will also assist integration with existing control systems on request.



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