CUTE™ Camera Controller Board

The camera controller board is designed to provide necessary functionality to control 4 cameras and lights used in subsea intervention systems.


The board has analogue outputs for light control, controllable power outputs for camera power, motor driver outputs suitable for camera functions (Zoom/Focus) and water alarm input.
It is also fitted with a 4 to 1 video multiplexer and drivers for controlling 4 external relays (typically light relays). The camera power outputs are fitted with electronic resettable fuses. Relays are provided for camera outputs (power and zoom/focus) to be able to isolate the outputs in case of water leakage in external camera cables.
Remote control is possible via RS232 or multi drop RS484 communication.
Several units can be controlled over a single RS485 network.

Physical I/0 configuration
• 4 analogue outputs with 10 bit resolution, 0-10V for controlling light dimming functions
• 4 camera power outputs, each fitted with 2-pole relays, “electronic fuse” and current measurement
• 4 drivers for external relays (12 or 24 VDC coil)
• 8 full bridge outputs for driving focus/zoom etc.
• 1 water alarm input
• 4 to 1 video multiplexer
• RS232 or RS485 communication to host system

Technical information

• Power Supply: 12VDC, 12VDC or 24VDC for camera power

Software features:
• “Do All” function that read and write all I/O in one command
• Configurable power-up state
• Configurable loss of communication output state(keep current state or set predefined state)

Size and mounting interface:
• Size: 160 x 100 x 12 mm
• Mounting: Rail mounting on the short edges.
Alternatively mounted by 4 holes for M3 bolts, 1 in each corner 5 mm from the corners. Connections on the long sides

• Power, Serial & Water Alarm:Phoenix MC 1,5/10-ST-3,81 connector
• Dimmer outputs:Phoenix FK-MC 0,5/6-ST-2,5 connector
• External relays:Phoenix FK-MC 0,5/6-ST-2,5 connector
• Video:Coax connector, DIN41612
• Cameras:Phoenix MC1,5/6-ST-3,81 connector
• Zoom/Focus configuration:Phoenix FK-MC 0,5/4-ST-2,5 connector



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