OceanTools D5 DyeTector®

The D 5 DyeTector is an advanced ultra compact subsea leak and dye detection system developed by OceanTools for installation on AUV systems or smaller observation class ROVs.



The ultra compact AUV or ROV mounted D 5 DyeTector may be used to detect leaks from subsea infrastructure such as manifolds, wellheads or pipelines if a suitable dye has been added to the infrastructure fluids, or during casing cementing operations to detect cement returns High intensity LED light is focused through lenses and filters to create a concentrated beam that is tuned to a specific wavelength to cause maximum molecular agitation and fluorescence of the dye A sophisticated optical multiplier employs light amplification technology to detect fluorescence from the agitated dye molecules Advanced detection electronics convert the measurements to digital data

Features and Benefits of the D5 DyeTector®

  • Rhodamine Fluorescein, Ultraviolet or C Dye ECO detection
  • Compact and lightweight design for AUVs or observation class ROVs
  • Same powerful DyeTector technology as found in larger units
  • Configurable serial control or free running data output
  • 1000 m standard depth rating

Technical Information

  • Target dye: Rhodamine / Fluorescein / Ultraviolet / C Dye ECO
  • Excitation wavelength: 520-530nm / 450-460nm / 360-370nm / 390-400nm
  • Detection wavelength: 570-590nm / 510-520nm / 410-450nm / 450-460nm
  • Detection range: Up to 10m
  • Input voltage: 18 36VDC
  • Maximum current: 0.5A @ 24VDC
  • Data communications: RS232 / RS485
  • Standard connector: Glenair G5506 1508
  • Depth rating: 1000m
  • Housing material: Anodised Aluminium
  • Window material: Sapphire Glass
  • Length ( excl connector): 145mm
  • Maximum diameter: 71mm
  • Weight in air: 1.0kg
  • Weight in water: 0.5kg



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