Tritech PA200 / PA500 – Digital Precision Altimeters

Tritech PA200 and PA500 Digital Precision Altimeters are based on the same high performance electronics found in the well-proven, industry standard Tritech SeaKing sonar and profiler systems.



Full digital synthesis of transmit and receive frequencies with greatly improved input dynamic range.

Tritech’s digital precision altimeters offer configurable design with a wide range of options available. OEM configurations include low magnetic signature rigid Delrin™ (Plastic) housings or supplied with a right-angled transducer.

Control of the altimeters may be performed in many ways including:

  • Altimeter direct from a PC running DOS
  • Altimeter direct from a PC running Windows
  • Altimeter direct from a suitable control system
  • Altimeter as part of a multidrop network

Technical information

Operating frequency: 200kHz
Beamwidth: 20° conical
Range: 0.7 to 100m

Operating frequency: 500kHz
Beamwidth: 6° conical
Range: 0.3 to 50m (0.1 to 10m optional)

Digital: 1mm
Analogue: 0.025% of range

Electrical and Communication
Power supply: 24V DC at 80mA or 12V DC at 160mA
Analogue output: 0 to 10V DC (with 24V power supply), 0 to 5V DC or 4 to 20mA
Data communications: RS232 or RS485
Output modes: Free running, interrogated or part of multidrop network

Weights: 1.15kg in air, 0.8kg in water (4000m stainless steel body)
Depth rating:
700m with Delrin™ housing (aluminium alloy endcap)
4000m with aluminium alloy housing
4000m/6800m with stainless steel housing
6800m with titanium 6Al-4V housing
Materials: Dependent on depth, as shown above for straight transducer models.
All right-angle transducers are ABS (part C in the diagram).
Temperature: -10 to 35°C operating (-20 to 50°C storage)


tritech-pa200-pa500 Datasheet





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