Tritech Micron Echo Sounder – Ultra Compact Altimeter

The Tritech Micron Echo Sounder is the latest addition to Tritech’s family of Micron products and sets new standards in ultra compact sonar technology.



The Micron Echosounder utilises Digital Sonar Technology (DST) and is designed to complement the Micron sonar. The Micron Echosounder can also act as a stand-alone altimeter, providing accurate height off the seabed and other subsea distance measurements.
The Micron Echosounder is a robust professional offshore or freshwater altimeter, built to the highest quality standards. It is optimised for operation on small vehicles, as it is both compact and very lightweight in water.

It is an ideal OEM product, being able to accommodate a wide range of voltage inputs. Other options such as increased depth rating are available upon request.

Technical information

Operating frequency: 500kHz
Beamwidth: 6° conical
Maximum range: 50m
Minimum range: (Lock-Out) 0.3m
Digital resolution: 1mm

Electrical and Communication
Analogue output: (AUX Port Only) 0 – 5V DC
Communication protocol: RS485, RS232
Serial output format: ASCII, NMEA, DBT
Topside control: Computer with standard serial port, SeaHub or USB-RS232/RS485 converter
Power requirements: 12 – 48V, 1.72VA

Weight in air: 200g
Weight in water: 60g
Depth rating: 750m
Operating temperature: -10 to 35°C
Storage temperature: -20 to 50°C






Tritech-micron-echo-sounder-ultra-compact-altimeter-micron-echo-sounder (ZIP)


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