Sub-Atlantic Brushless AC Electric Thrusters

This range of brushless electric AC thrusters is used on our successful Mohawk and Super Mohawk ROVs. They are available in two sizes, the CTE-01 producing 29 kgf (64 lbs) thrust and the CTE-02 producing 45 kgf (100 lbs).


These thrusters are perfect vehicles using AC power transmission systems. Both sizes of thuster are direct drive for mechanical reliabilty and are proportionally controlled by an external drive electronics board designed to fit inside an electronics bottle with a minimum inside diameter of 166 mm / 6.5 inches. Power requirements are 415-440 Vac 3 Phase + Neutral, Control is +/- 5Vdc. These thrusters are positively oil compensated and rated for full ocean depth.

– Reliable
– Two Sizes Available
– Rugged Construction
– High Thrust output
– 440 Volts AC 50/60 Hz
– Direct Drive (no gearbox)
– Compact Drive Electronics

Technical information

See datasheet for more information



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