Schilling Robotics TITAN 4 Manipulator

Thousands of FMC Schilling manipulator systems are in use worldwide every day.
TITAN manipulators are the highest quality system on the market for the dexterity
and strength needed to withstand the industry’s harsh and repetitive needs day after day.


The TITAN 4 is widely regarded as the world’s premier servo-hydraulic
remote manipulator system.

Since 1987, these systems have been the industry standard for dexterous manipulator systems
used in subsea applications, and are extensively used on ultra-heavy work class ROVs.

The TITAN 4 has the dexterity and accuracy necessary to perform the fine movements needed for complex tasks.

When this ability is combined with the manipulator’s reach (1,922mm),
payload capacity (122kg at full extension), and large operating envelope,
the TITAN 4 offers unequaled performance in a wide range of subsea applications.

  • Acute Precision Control
  • Durable Through the Harshest Conditions
  • Reliability Through the Harshest Conditions
  • Large Operating Envelope
  • High Lift-to-Weight Ratio
  • Depth Rating up to 7,000msw
  • Titanium Construction

Technical information

Arm Specifications
Standard Depth: 4,000 msw
Extended Depth: 7,000 msw
Weight in air: 100kg
Weight in water: 78kg
Lift at full extension: 122kg
Maximum lift, nominal: 454kg
Standard Gripper Opening: 99mm
Grip Force, nominal: 4,092N
Wrist torque, nominal: 170Nm
Wrist rotate, cont.: 6-35rpm

Master Controller Specifications
Length: 470mm
Width: 177mm
Height: 67mm
Weight: 3.7kg

Electrical and Telemetry
Input Power, Controller: 90-260VAC
Input Power, Arm: 24 VDC
Power, Controller: 6W start, 3W run
Power, Arm: 6W start, 45W run
Telemetry: RS-232 or RS-422/485

Hydraulic Requirements
Fluid: Mineral, Glycol, or Synthetic
Viscosity: 10-200 cSt
Available Flow: 5.7 – 19 lpm
Max. Pressure: 3,000 psi
Max. Fluid Temperature: 54ºC
Fluid Cleanliness: ISO 4406 14/11



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