Schilling Robotics RigMaster

The RigMaster is a five-function, rate-controlled, heavylift grabber arm that can be mounted on a wide range of subsea ROVs


It is engineered for the strength needed to withstand the industry’s harsh and repetitive needs day after day. The grabber arm can be used to grasp and lift heavy objects or to anchor the ROV by clamping the gripper around a structural member at the work site It is constructed to be reliable in situations that require rugged operation.

The arm’s linear actuators have been life tested under full load for 250,000 cycles with minimal wear. The actuators use the latest cap seal technology to minimize leakage, ensuring long life and minimal maintenance. Its construction is of primarily titanium for structural strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, and extraordinary resistance to damage from collisions.

RigMaster manipulators have a proven track record of reliability in the world’s most demanding subsea environments

Technical information

Arm Specifications
Standard Depth: 6,500 msw
Weight in air: 64kg
Weight in water: 48kg
Lift at full extension: 181kg
Maximum lift, nominal: 270kg
Standard Gripper Opening: 284mm
Grip Force, nominal: 4,448N
Wrist torque, nominal: 205Nm
Wrist rotate, continuous: 6-35rpm

Actuator Function
Base Yaw: Linear, 105º
Shoulder Pitch: Linear, 105º
Boom, Extend/Retract: Linear, 305mm
Wrist Pitch: Linear, 120º
Wrist Rotate: Gerotor, 360º
Gripper, Standard: Linear, 284mm

Hydraulic Requirements
Fluid: Mineral, Glycol, or Synthetic
Viscosity: 10-200 cSt
Available Flow: 5.7 – 19 lpm
Max. Pressure: 3,000 psi
Max. Fluid Temperature: 54ºC
Fluid Cleanliness: ISO 4406 14/11
Actuator Return Pressure: 350 psi
Filtration: 10 microns



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