Schilling Robotics Rate Hand Controller

The Rate Hand controller offers easy, intuitive operation
for rate-controlled manipulators and other hydraulically powered, rate-controlled remote equipment


To operate a rate-controlled manipulator using the hand controller, the operator grips
the textured joystick in the left or right hand.
Gripper open/close switches are located on both sides of the controller grip to allow
right-hand and left-hand operation.
Other functions are controlled by pushing buttons on the front of the grip,
by twisting the grip, or by rocking it from side to side

  • Equal Ease of Use with Right and Left Hands
  • Comfortable, Intuitive Operation
  • Low-Profile Panel
  • Standard DB-25 Connector Interface

Technical information

Height above Panel Surface: 98mm
Depth below Panel: 83mm
Length, Panel Cutout: 103mm
Width, Panel Cutout: 103mm
Signal/Power Connector: DB-25P
Contact Rating: 1A @ 24 VDC



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