Schilling Robotics Master Controller (MCU)

The Master Controller is engineered to be a replica master arm for position-controlled manipulators. ​


Used with TITAN 4, ORION 7P, CONAN 7P, and ROV Simulators.

  • Preloaded with Software for all Standard
    Manipulators (no EPROM required); Software Selected by Rotary Switch
  • Operates on Either RS-232 or RS-485 Communications as a Standard
  • Master Controller is Available for TITAN 4, ORION 7P, and CONAN 7P Manipulators
  • Dual-Arm Version Available
  • Standard 90-260 VAC Input
  • Optional 18-36VDC Version
  • Standard Power Consumption: 6 W Start, 3 W Run



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