Schilling Robotics CONAN 7P

The CONAN’s combination of high strength and low cost make it the manipulator of choice for medium
and heavy-work class ROVs


This is a great choice for a seven-function, position-controlled, and high-capacity
manipulator system

The CONAN 7P is designed to perform demanding tasks and yet be economical to
install, operate, and maintain.
It’s power, reach, and rugged construction make it the perfect choice for subsea manipulator applications
that require a combination of heavy lifting and dexterity.
With a maximum lift capacity of 181kg at full extension, it can be used for a wide range
of subsea tasks.

To ensure accurate and reliable operation of the CONAN, position sensors are magnetically coupled and sealed
inside laser-welded titanium housings for protection. It is designed to be serviced on site and in less-than-ideal
working conditions. It is also fitted with oversized joint pivot bearings increase resistance to structural overload.

Technical information

Arm Specifications
Standard Depth: 3,000 msw
Weight in air: 107kg
Weight in water: 73kg
Lift at full extension: 273kg
Maximum lift, nominal: 159kg
Standard Gripper Opening: 152mm
Grip Force, nominal: 4,448N
Wrist torque, nominal: 205Nm
Wrist rotate, continuous: 6-35rpm

Actuator Function
Azimuth: Linear, 105º
Shoulder Pitch: Linear, 105º
Elbow Pitch: Linear 305mm
Wrist Pitch: Linear, 360º
Wrist Yaw: Linear, 284mm
» Wrist Rotate: Gerotor, 360º
Gripper, Standard: Linear, 152mm

Master Controller Specifications
Length: 470mm
Width: 177mm
Height: 67mm
Weight: 3.7kg

Hydraulic Requirements
Fluid: Mineral, Glycol, or Synthetic
Viscosity: 10-200 cSt
Available Flow: 5.7 – 19 lpm
Max. Pressure: 3,000 psi

Hydraulic fluid temperature
Max: 54°C (130 ° F)
Filtration: 3 microns
Fluid Cleanliness: ISO 4406 14/11



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