Dirty Work Pack (DWP)

The Nexum Dirty Work Pack (DWP) is compact, simple to incorporate, and service friendly.

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All components are well proven and easy to service, and all hydraulic connections are located in the end plate.
The motor circuit on the DWP has a built in start/stop valve for remote start/stop, and has a flow regulator valve for speed control.
The pump circuit has a built in pressure relief valve.
The pump can be internally pressure compensated, remote pressure regulated or connected to a load sensing valve system.
When the supply and pump pressure is the same, the flow rate is 66% of supply flow.
The unit is rated to full ocean depth. The DWP can be delivered as a complete unit with oil filters and compensators.
The skid can be assembled as a backpack for rear end interface, or a flat skid for interface underneath the ROV.

Technical information

Technical Specification:

Max supply pressure: 210 bar
Max supply flow: 90 L/min
Max output flow @: 210 bar
Flow: 60 L/min
Efficiency is rated to 66%.

Weight and dimensions:

Weight in air: 65 kg
Weight submerged: 55 kg
Main Dimension: 590 x 350 x 250mm (W x H x D)


Base plate interface: 4 x Ø13, 475-555 x 220mm
Motor supply port: 3/4” NPT
Motor return port: 3/4” NPT
Pump pressure port: 3/4” NPT
Pump suction port: 1-1/4 SAE 3000
Motor stop/start port: 1/8” NPT
Pump remote port: 1/8” NPT
Motor drain port: 1/2” NPT
Pump drain port: 1/2” NPT
Bell housing ports: x4 1/4” NPT




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