Webtool RCO40 – Wire Rope Cutter

High pressure open sided subsea wire rope cutter for up to 1.5” steel wire rope.



The RCO40 is a high pressure heavy duty wire rope cutter designed for subsea deployment in severe working conditions. The open sided design allows for easy positioning on the wire by ROV while the blade shaped anvil increases the grade of rope that can be cut.

Features and Benefits

Corrosion resistant and durable stainless steel and coated steel construction. Genuine Webtool™ blades and anvils give optimum cutting performance and ensure that maintenance is kept to a minimum. Open sided design and no moving anvil makes deployment simple and reduces the number of hydraulic hoses required. Compact design is ideal for operation in confined spaces or where access is limited. Mounting holes in the body allow for the fitting of standard handles (contact us for details) or bespoke mounting brackets. Serviceability and Support – Spare parts including blades, anvils and seals kits are available. Contact us for technical questions and support.

Technical information

– Capable of cutting EIPS (1960 N/mm²) wire rope up to 38.1mm (1.5″) diameter. See “Cutters VS Grade” document      for more details
– Hydraulic Supply – 690 bar (10,000 psi) input pressure
– Compatible with ISO32 hydraulic oil, for details of compatibility with other fluids please contact us
– Cutters can be supplied flushed to NAS 6 cleanliness (contact us for details)
– Swept Volume (Cut Stroke) – 0.15 litres
– Swept Volume (Return Stroke) – 0.1 litres
– 7/16″ JIC male adaptors (stainless steel, 690 bar rated) fitted as standard
– 2 hydraulic ports (blade up, blade down)
– Weight in air – 17kg
– Weight in water – 15kg


Webtool – RC040 Datasheet Rev 4 Issue 1
Webtool – Cutters VS Grade


Webtool – RC040 Rev 3 Issue 4

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