Signal Isolation Module – 8 Ch

Operating in pressureized environments to 4000 msw. This relay board is providing a larger system to effective galvanically isolate channels individually.


The Innova Signal Isolation Module – 8 Ch provides the possiblity to galvanically isolate signals and power outputs without affecting the signal integrity. It is designed to operate in pressureized environments to 4000 msw.

The main function is to provide a larger system the functionality to galvanically isolate channels individually and effectivelly. The design allows the unit to be installed in pressureized environment in oil filled enclosures.

The board enhances fault-finding capabilities during subsea operations with this unique I/O channel isolation feature. This invaluable functionality allows users to swiftly identify and address ground faults in external I/O units, ensuring seamless maintenance and optimal system performance.

Module is designed for new systems or retrofit on existing systems using PIO36. Footprint and interface are identical with PIO36

Technical information

See datasheet for more information


Innova-Datasheet-Signal Isolation Module – 8 Ch

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