The Innova Link Digital Video board solves the problem of integrating multiple digital video cameras to ROVs and other remotely controlled systems by providing up to 4 digital video channels (HD-SDI) on one board.


The system can be used stand-alone or combined with other products in the Innova Link family, including Analogue Video and Serial communication, Ethernet and PECL.
The design is based on Innova’s long experience with remotely operated vehicle systems and provides a wide range of features, including;

• Digital Video format: HD-SDI, 3G-SDI (SMPTE-424M, SMPTE-292M, SMPTE-259M)
• Up to four video channels on each board. One fiber channel required per video channel
• Standard BNC connectors
• Pressure tolerant electronics and optics option
• Single mode and multi mode fibre options
• Self test and diagnostics functionality (distributed to the AV board)
• Can be combined with other boards in the Link Family with the use of CWDM optical multiplexers

Technical information

Digital Video
• 4ch. of HD-SDI or 3G-SDI (SMPTE-424M, SMPTE-292M, SMPTE-259M)
• One SFP per used channe
Input Board
• Four SFP cages
• Video connection – BNC
• Board size: 100mm x 100mm
• Voltage: 6 – 12 V
• Typical idle power consumption @ 12V, 4 ch. Activ: 315mA (HD), 370 Ma (3g)
• Operating temperature range: -20–70 °C
• Two versions of Input boards:
– Standard
– Pressure compensated oil (PC) 300 Bar
Output Board
• Four SFP cages
• Video connection – BNC
• Board size: 100mm x 160mm
• Voltage: 6 -12 V
• Typical idle power consumption @ 12V, 4ch. Active: 375mA (HD), 420mA (3G)
• Operating temperature range: -20–70 °C



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