Innova SeaDAQ

The Innova SeaDAQ is a multichannel subsea data acquisition and storage system, combining compact and lightweight design with high storage capacity.


The SeaDAQ system can record up to 12 high speed data channels with 24bit resolution, and has a storage capacity of 250GB using solid state disks. Set to run autonomously on batteries, the system can record up to 200 hours of raw data, and can be pre-programmed from the surface to record data at specific intervals, minimizing power consumption while in “sleep mode”. Sampled data is stored in compressed multichannel wav files.

Recorded data can be transmitted to the surface in real time via Ethernet uplink, allowing the user to monitor processes and store vital data for further processing. The system is programmed using PC based software, which also provides remote monitoring of data acquisition and downloading of stored sensor data after the unit is retrieved. An internal battery package prevents system failure in case of power loss.

The SeaDAQ can interface to a wide range of sensor types, including accelerometers, hydrophones, pressure sensors etc. Typical applications include sound and vibration monitoring, e.g. detection of vibration in subsea structures and installations, SeaDAQ condition monitoring of rotating equipment, acoustic noise measurement and pressure monitoring.

Designed into a compact 2500m rated housing, the system can be provided with separate battery power packs, deployment skid
and sensor interface clamps.

A wide variety of sensor interface clamps are available, and bespoke designs can be provided to suit any interface requirement.


Technical information

Electrical and signal:
• 12 channel 24bit resolution sigma-delta analog to digital converter.
• Sampling rate: up to 4000SPS per channel, software configurable.
• Dynamic range: 120dB @ 1000SPS.

• Material: hard anodized aluminium, 6082-T6.
• Size: Ø202mm x 516mm length.
• Depth rating: 2500m. Other depths on request.
• Configurable gain setting (x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32 and x64).
• Storage capacity : 250GB, solid state disk.

System options:
• Battery packs (108Ah@24V).
• Deployment frame.
• Sensor interface clamps.
• Wet mateable interface connector for on-line data offload.
• Titanium housing.



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