Tritech StarFish 450F

The StarFish range has gained worldwide recognition as the most compact, affordable, towed side scan sonars for the professional underwater survey industry

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The full-body, three-fin, hydrodynamic design of the StarFish systems challenge the common cylindrical or torpedo-shape of traditional side scan sonars. The unique shape of the StarFish systems dramatically improves the stability of the sonar and consequently the quality of the images it produces. Furthermore, the advanced digital CHIRP (Compressed High Intensity Radar Pulse) acoustic techniques used by StarFish systems offer better range resolution compared to conventional, fixed-frequency side scan sonars.

The StarFish 450F is the original StarFish Seabed Imaging System and continues to offer a powerful, yet affordable, entry-level side scan sonar system for shallow water survey work. Since its launch in 2007, the StarFish 450F has gained worldwide recognition as the most portable, affordable, towed side scan sonar on the market. The system is powered by a 450kHz CHIRP transmission, to provide a wide range sonar coverage up to 100m/ 300ft per channel (200m/ 600ft total swathe) with good, clear image definition. This model is also available as a hull-mounted version (StarFish 450H).

The range also includes two higher specification units in high-visibility colours: StarFish 452F, a high-frequency system available in reinforced yellow polyurethane rubber and the StarFish 990F, which offers both higher frequency and resolution and is available in reinforced red polyurethane rubber

Technical information

Length: 378mm (14.88″)
Width: 110mm (4.33″)
Height: 97mm (3.81″)
Weight In Air: Approx 2.0kg (4.41lb)
In Fresh Water: Approx 1.0kg (2.20lb)

Costruction: Reinforced black polyurethane rubber
Depth Rating: 50m (164ft)

Towing Cable
Length: 20m (65.6 ft)
Breaking Strain: >150kg (330.7lb)
Construction: Black polyurethane jacketed with internal Kevlar reinforcing (strain) member
Min Bend Radius: 30mm (1.2″)

Arrangement: Dual fin mounted transducers, with 30° down angle from the horizontal
Vertical Beam: 60° nominal width (@ -3dB signal level)
Horizontal Beam: 1.7° nominal width (@ -3dB signal level)

Frequency: 450kHz nominal
Range: 1m to 100m (3.28ft to 328.08ft) on each channel providing max 200m (656.17ft) total coverage
Mode: CHIRP pulse compression
Pulse Length: 400µs typical
Transmit Source: <210dB re 1Pa @ 1m







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