Valeport MiniSVS

The miniSVS Sound Velocity Sensors use state of the art digital “time of flight” technology to provide the lowest noise, highest accuracy, best resolution sound velocity data available


Small size and a choice of sensor lengths down to just 25mm make the sensor suitable for a variety of applications, and the optional pressure or temperature sensor adds versatility. There is a choice of data formats to allow interface to existing systems. We will also consider OEM and custom designs.

Technical information

Sound Velocity Measurement
Each sound velocity measurement is made using a single pulse of sound travelling over a known distance, so is independent of the inherent calculation errors present in all CTDs.

Our unique digital signal processing technique virtually eliminates signal noise, andgives almost instantaneous response; the digital measurement is also entirely linear, giving predictable performance under allconditions.

Range: 1375 – 1900m/s
Resolution: 0.001m/s
Accuracy: Dependent on sensor size 100mm Random noise (point to point) ±0.002m/s
Max systematic calibration error ±0.013m/s
Max systematic clock error ±0.002m/s
Total max theoretical error ±0.017m/s

50mm Total max theoretical error ±0.019m/s
25mm Total max theoretical error ±0.020m/s

Acoustic Frequency: 2.5MHz



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