Deepwater Polatrak Deep C Meter TM 3000 AD

The Polatrak Deep-C-Meter 3000 AD from Deepwater Corrosion is designed for rugged service on a work-or-inspection class ROV, being the premier ROV cathodic-protection survey system for use in deep water.



The unit is ROV powered and provides continuous visual and digital output. Rated for operation in up to 10,000 feet (3000 m) depth, this system can be used for any inspection. The instrument readout unit can be conveniently mounted anywhere on the ROV, and the probe unit is held in the tee-handle manipulator mount. The unit is self-contained, which means that there is no interface with the ROV umbilical. Just point a camera at the readout, grab the probe in the manipulator and start to record accurate CP data from the LED readout. The Deep C Meter kit includes an ROV II probe, an articulated mount, standard whips and all standard replacement parts

Technical information

Depth rating: 10,000 ft [ 3,000 m ]
Operating temp: 1°C to 55°C
Voltage range: +2499 mV to -2499 mV
Input resistance: 1 G-Ohm
Power supply: 24VDC nominal (9-36VDC)
Communication protocol: RS 232
Data type:
Continuous ASCII stream with delimiters
2 data sets per second
24 bit analogue digital converter



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