CUTE™ 4 Channel Power Controller

The 4 channel Power Controller board provides power switching to 4 separate power outputs. Communication is by RS232 or RS485.

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The unit has 4 power outputs for switching 12 to48 VDC loads.
Current consumption on each power output is measured and can thus be displayed on the host system.
The power outputs are fitted with “electronic fuses” where the trip level is set by the user and fuses are re-set from the host system.
The power outputs are also fitted with 2-pole relays for isolating the output in case of electrical leakage in the external circuit connected to the output.
Remote control is possible via RS232 or multi drop RS485 communication.
The unit is configured to act as a slave unit controlled from a master system.
Several units can be controlled over a single RS485 network

Physical I/0 configuration
• 4 switchable power outputs with electronic fuses

Technical information

• Power supply voltage: 12 VDC
• Current consumption (excluding external loads: 150 mA
• Number of power outputs: 4
• Load voltage range: 12 – 48 VDC
• Load current quantisation: 10 bit
• Load current measurement range: 11 A
• Maximum load fuse level: 6 A
• Temperature range: 0 – 70°C

Size and mounting interface:
• Size:160x100x20mm (LxWxH)
• Mounting:Rail mounting on the short edges. Alternatively mounted by 4 holes for M3 bolts, 1 in each corner 5mm from the edges.

• Power & Serial:Phoenix MC1,5/8-ST-3,81 connector
• Power outputs:Phoenix MC1,5/4-ST-3,81 connector




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