Remote I/O – 12 ch

12 channels I/O distribution unit

The I/O distribution unit collects data from 12 sensors, simplifies subsea systems with one connector, and ensures reliable transmission with controllable relays for galvanic separation.


The I/O distribution unit is designed to collect up to 12 individual sensors and transfer the data on ethernet or serial communcations. 8 of the connectors are dedicated to analogue signal (4-20mA) and 4 of the connectors are dedicated to digital signal. 

The unit is based on Innova’s product PIO36 with extensive field experience. Implementing the I/O Distribution Unit into a subsea control system will simplify the main controller as this needs only on connector with cable to access data from up to 12 analogue/digital sensors.

The unit is also fitted with controllable relays for galvanic separating the outputs.

Key features

  • Up to 12  I/O input
  • Ethernet / serial communcation
  • 10-30VDC supply
  • Controllable relays on all outputs for galvanic isolation


Innova-DataSheet-Remote OI x12

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