Sub-Atlantic Rotator Actuator – 24 Vdc x 50 Nm Torque

This electric rotary actuator delivers 50 N.m / 37 lb.ft torque from 24 Vdc supply.
It is suitable for a wide range of actuation tasks and is available with an over-torque protection clutch.


This rotary actuator can be put to many uses in subsea tooling, especially in small vehicles.
One example is in our pipeline survey skid for inspection class ROVs where the actuator is used to raise and lower the camera boom and CP arms.
The body is manufactured from lightweight aluminium alloy and shaft components are in stainless steel.

– 50 N.m / 37 lb.ft Output Torque
– Self-Locking on Power Down
– Worm Drive Gears
– Continuous Rotation
– 24 Vdc @ 2.2 Amps
– Integral Oil Compensator
– Rated for 6000 msw / 20,000 fsw
– Adjustable Slipping Clutch Option

Technical information

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