Remote Offloading System

Sunken ships and vessels may contain oil and chemicals that are harmful to the environment. FRAMO’s Remote OffLoading System (ROLS) is designed to drain sunken vessels for harmful chemicals, eliminating the risk for spills. The ROLS is a free-flying ROV incorporating a drill and offloading system for penetrating vessel hulls and pumping out chemicals, operating…

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Intervention tooling control systems

component board of a intervention tooling

Based on standardised subsea control building blocks, Innova have delivered a number of electro-hydraulic control systems for subsea intervention tooling applications. Our continously expanding family of networked control modules and the LINK family of fibre optic communication products, combined with in-hous electronics, mechanical and hydraulic design expertise, enable us to provide customised solutions for any…

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ConocoPhilips Service Manipulator

service manipulator

The Service Manipulator is a service tool for handling of choke valves at Ekofisk 2/4x. The Service Manipulator is custom designed to meet the special requirements of the Conoco Philips EKO-X Platform. Restricted access and an active production area demanded safe and efficient handling equipment. A nearby overhead crane traveling along the valves was utilised…

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hydraulic valve pack

RTS III is the third generation of the Remote Tie-in System operated by Aker Solutions. Innova designed and manufactured the electro-hydraulic control system for the RTS III, replacing the older, PLC-based control system used on RTS I and II. Based on Innova’s modular subsea controller technology, the RTS III control system i a far more…

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RLWI Subsea hydraulic pump

subsea hydraulic pump unit

The ability to provide local hydraulic fluid power is an important feature for enabling all-electric subsea well control and intervention applications. Fluid power is required for e.g. grease injection, chemical injection or valve actuation, and the fluid media can be water based or other chemicals with different viscosity and chemical properties. Innova’s subsea electrical motor…

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Reactive Flex Joint

The Reactive Flex Joint (RFJ) is developed by FMC in cooperation with Statoil to reduce fatigue on wellheads. The flexjoint is landed on the BOP, and is designed to provide a counter-acting force to the bending moment applied on the wellhead by the riser load on the BOP. The counter-acting force is generated by the…

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