Why Rent?

  • Saved investment costs
  • No cost for maintenance / repair / annual inspections
  • No charges for warehouse space
  • Reduced personnel costs associated with handling
  • Accessibility to new and advanced equipment
  • Demo the latest equipment before investing
  • Large Sensor/ equipment park to choose from
  • Proximity and delivery directly to the construction site or project
  • Performance check of equipment before each rental
  • Project flexibility
  • Keep Projects on schedule
  • Support when you need it – 24/7.

Productivity through good solutions

Get exactly what you need, when you need it.
We can offer bespoke solutions designed to your needs or ”Plugg and Play” with compleate cable assys for interface.

Equipment knowledge
Professionals will advise and guide you on the general and specialized tools and equipment to secure the best solution.
Rental equipmnet comes with a worry-free garantee assuring you that the equipment is serviced and properly maintained.

FAT can be provided in our facilities on request.

Check out our rental fleet here.

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