iXBlue Octans 3000 Gyro

Rugged and shock resistant, the Octans III 3000 Fibre-Optic Gyrocompass from iXSea is the only IMO survey grade Gyrocompass with an integrated motion sensor.


In addition to the 3 solid-state fibre optic Gyrocompass and accelerometers, the Octans III provides perfect real-time Heave data thanks to its SAFE (Self-adaptive Filtered Estimated) Heave filter. The advantages of the Octans III are self evident: no speed, altitude or latitude restrictions and most importantly, it’s accurate no matter how high the waves are.

Key features

High performance real-time outputs of true heading, roll, pitch, heave, surge, sway, acceleration and rate of turn
No spinning element hence maintenance free
Lightweight corrosion free housing for water depth up to 3000m
Easy to integrate and interface, saves valuable mobilisation time

Technical information

Accuracy (1)(2): 0.1 deg secant latitude
Resolution: 0.01 deg
Full accuracy settling time: (all conditions) < 5 min
Heave accuracy:
(3) 2,5 cm or 2,5% (whichever is greater)
Roll / Pitch
Dynamic accuracy: (2) 0.01 deg
Resolution: 0.001 deg



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