Innova is significantly increasing their rental pool

Latest investment includes the TSS 440 Pipe and Cable Survey System and TSS 350 Cable Tracker System.

Sven Eivind Torkildsen, Innova Rental Manager, says: “This latest investment ensures that we are able to meet even more of our customer requirements and continue to deliver a superior service.”

In Norway Innova has the market share of rental FMC Schilling Titan 4 where the pool consist of no less than 6 systems. In-house Schilling workshop ensures a quick turnaround and a T4 can arrive and again be ready for rental within 24 hours.

In the rental pool Innova have a lot of high demand niche products such as Dirty Work Packs, Light Weight valve packs, cameras, multiplexers and Emergency Cut Systems.

Sven Eivind also says: “During 2014 we aim to satisfy our survey clients, providing high end equipment for demanding survey projects. We have quoted jobs that will start in all quarters and it looks to be a very exiting year!”


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