Valeport MIDAS SVP

The MIDAS SVP is the new name for Valeport’s renowned Model 650 Mk2 Sound Velocity Profiler, and it gives the most accurate Sound Velocity Profiles currently possible.



As well as using the world leading digital time of flight sound speed sensor, this instrument also has a ±0.01% pressure sensor, and features Valeport’s synchronised sampling technique to guarantee that all sensors are sampled at exactly the same point during a profile. Titanium construction and a large memory make it suitable for rapid profiling down to 6000m depth.

Technical information

The MIDAS SVP is fitted with Valeport’s digital time of flight sound velocity sensor, a high accuracy temperature compensated piezo-resistive pressure transducer, and a fast response PRT temperature sensor.

Sound Velocity
Range: 1375 – 1900m/s
Resolution: 0.001m/s
Accuracy: ±0.02m/s

Range: -5°C to +35°C
Resolution: 0.005°C
Accuracy: ±0.01°C

Range: 10, 50, 100, 300 or 600bar
Resolution: 0.001% range
Accuracy: ±0.01% range