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Sonardyne uComm Underwater Acoustic Modem

uComm is designed simply for one purpose; to wirelessly transfer data underwater from A to B.

Put a uComm modem into the water and it will sense its environment and intelligently adapt its configuration to ensure data is transferred in each direction as fast, as reliably and as energy efficiently as possible. All this in a cost effective, compact format.

The uComm family of acoustic modems provide simple and easy to use acoustic communication links for the wireless transmission of a variety of subsea data.

uComm products utilise wideband signal processing which is field proven to provide unprecedented levels of robustness and flexibility in challenging acoustic environments.

uComm comes out of experience gained whilst utilising over 35 years of experience with underwater acoustic telemetry. The result is an easy to use, robust and highly reliable acoustic modem.

The simple serial interface allows the user to acoustically ‘pair’ two uComm modems and then use them as a seamless data link similar to a serial cable connection.

To ensure minimal interference uComm provides over 250 unique addresses as standard.

Adaptive data rate and transmit power control techniques ensure the maximum achievable transfer rate is maintained for all acoustic environments. The data transfer rate ranges from 9,000 bps down to 200 bps depending on the environment.

Advanced communication protocols and intelligent data packet stitching ensure that latency is minimised and that only completely error free data is delivered.

Features & Benefits
– Simple to configure and use
– Field proven communication technology; used within critical acoustic control systems and has transferred many Gigabytes of user data
– Industry standard serial outputs
– Supplied with advanced software
– Gain, Power and Data rate all automatic, only setup needed is the address and serial baud rate
– Wideband telemetry provides up to 9,000 bps true user data rate
– Robust performance in noisy and reverberant environments
– Ruggedised housing and connectors
– Battery options available
– Surface dunker kit available
– Configuration software allows throughput analysis and other diagnostics to show how the link is operating
– Re-configurable point to point operation
– Address and serial baud rate configurable via a downloadable Android application using the supplied Bluetooth interface cable

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