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Sonardyne BlueComm Underwater Optical Modem

BlueComm Wireless Video Camera System provides a real-time video link from one or more subsea video cameras to an ROV or other asset at ranges up to 200 metres.Integrated acoustic positioning and communications provides long range (>3 km) command and control of the camera and optical link including wake-up,pan,tilt,zoom,lighting and sleep mode control functions. BlueComm WVCS can be used to provide a remote ‘eyeball’on specific subsea operations removing the need for a second ROV.

Features & Benefits
– 1 to 20 Mbps through water coms over distance of up to 200 metres
– Applicable for low turbidity deep dark water (>350 metres) applications
– Highly energy efficient
– Integrated datalogger enables data to be recorded locally
– Integrated long range acoustic communications and positioning
– Data recovery via AUV, ROV or surface deployed dunking system

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