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Sonardyne Acoustic Release Transponders

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Recognised for their absolute reliability, durability and long operating range, Sonardyne acoustic release transponders have become an important component in the inventory of many scientific, defense and commercial organisations around the world, who rely upon them for recovery of valuable equipment and data.

Whether the water depth is shallow or deep, the load; kilograms or tonnes and deployment; days or years, Sonardyne has the ideal acoustic release transponder.

LRTs, LATs and ORTs are compact, low cost units for use in coastal and offshore waters up to 2,000 metres. Applications range from mooring instrument strings and the remote actuation of lift bags through to the recovery of equipment on the seabed using a rope canister.

DORTs, P-DORTs and Compatt 5s have been developed for subsea construction and full ocean depth applications where the requirement can involve deploying heavy loads on the seabed.

As well as an acoustic release transponder, Compatt 5 is also an advanced Long BaseLine and Ultra-Short BaseLine transponder, compatible with the vast majority of navigation systems in use world-wide.

Features & Benefits
– Depth ratings to 7,000 metres
– Safe Working Loads upto 15 tonnes with optional release frame
– Highly reliable release mechanisms
– Compact and rugged design
– Up to 2 years deployment

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