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Innovatum SMARTRAK

The SMARTRAK system is smaller and lighter and uses less power than most in the market, allowing it to be fitted onto smaller ROV vehicles than any other tracking system.

SIP & SENSOR MOUNTING The SIP may be mounted in any orientation provided: a) The long axis of the cylinder is horizontal or vertically up (connectors at top) b) The long axis or arrow is aligned fore/aft or across the ROV Sensors must be at least 70 cms in front of the ROV. Sensor separation should be around 60 to 90 cms between sensors. Sensors must be vertical to within 1 degree, and the separation must be identical to within 1 mm. Sensors should be mounted around 20 – 50 cms above ROV skids. Altimeter may be mounted in any convenient location.

Key features

Smaller, lighter and uses less power than other pipe and cable trackers
Supplied in one wheeled case
Uses automated calibration routines to improve performance

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