(The nCentric Field Coverage node) has been designed specifically for offshore markets to provide state-of-the-art, reliable and flexible broadband communication between rigs, vessels and onshore personnel. By providing seamless mobility, critical applications like VoIP, video streaming, and data transmission are not interrupted as they move through the network




Power and flexibility with quad-radio configuration
At the heart of each Nova Node is a high-performance network controller, equipped with four high-power radios. The standard radio modules operate in the 5GHz ISM band. The use of an onboard hardware cryptographic accelerator, translates into leading-edge security without compromising real time voice, data and video communications.

Multi-antenna array for high range
To provide 360° coverage without sacrificing range and bandwidth nCentric has developed a unique antenna array consisting of four overlapping sectors. Every sector is comprised of a number of directional antenna’s, thus combining the range and bandwidth of a point-to-point system with the flexibility of a point-to-multi-point system.
Intelligent mesh platform

Powering this high-end hardware platform is an equally exceptional, fully distributed, wireless mesh operating system. Managing all radios so channels are selected as intelligently as possible, Nova Node maximizes throughput, even over multiple hops.
Instead of an ordinary ad hoc routing protocol, a mobile-optimized, proactive mesh routing algorithm is employed resulting in a robust, self-configuring, and auto-healing network.

Optional modules
To extend the wireless range up to 20 km a 900 MHz module is available.
For extremely cold conditions an internal heating element can be added to prevent ice build up on and around the node (may require external power connection, depending on configuration).


  • Intelligent, robust platform enabling a wide variety of network services, such as VoIP, video streaming, etc.
  • Auto-configuring and self-healing 3rd generation mesh network
  • Modular quad-radio architecture allowing high throughput over multiple hops
  • Sectorized multi-antenna array with 2×2 MIMO per sector
  • Smart channel management minimizes interference and maximizes bandwidth.
  • Integrated dual GPS receiver
  • Easy installation: compact all-outdoor single unit
  • Usage from rig-to-rig, rig-to-vessel, vessel/rig-to-shore
  • ATEX version available on request

Nova Node Tech & Specs

  • Provides a fully IP based network
  • Auto-configuring and self-healing 3rd generation mesh network
  • Quad-radio architecture allows higher throughputs over multiple hops
  • Patented channel management minimizes interference and maximizes bandwidth (US 168706, EP 1936878)
  • Easily installed, compact all-outdoor single unit
  • Highly cost-effective due to usage of unlicensed spectrum
  • Designed for offshore industrial environment
  • Built-in mobile (3G/LTE) back-hauling and Iridium connectivity