Neptune Temperature Detection

Under some circumstances such as with water injection flow lines and high pressure control systems, leaks can be identified using temperature detection of the difference between the surrounding seawater and the water leaking from the flowline.



The flowline water temperature is normally above ambient seawater temperature due to the high pressure pumping required. Neptune Oceanographics has developed a differential temperature technique that can detect very small temperature changes. The thermal leak detector comprises a fast, high precision thermistor connected through the Neptune Oceanographics leak detection system to the ROV umbilical for onboard display and recording.

The thermal leak detection system is designed for use with the 2-channel leak detection system and can be used simultaneously with a fluorometer or acoustic sensor connected to the second channel. Data are displayed graphically and recorded on the onboard PC.
The 2 channel on-board PC displays the thermal imaging leak detection data as a colour time series plot in real time allowing the operator to easily see changes in signal that indicate the presence of a leak. The software also allows the user record data and set alarm levels.