Neptune Methane Detection

For detection of subsea methane leakage, Neptune’s SNIFFIT is deployed. Fluorescence is not possible for detection of methane in water.




The SNIFFIT  can detect methane leakage in water and display the data in real time. It is primarily a methane detector but will detect all gaseous hydrocarbons. A new version of the Hydrocarbon Detector has recently been developed that will detect mono ethylene glycol (MEG).

SNIFFIT  is a unique, real-time system for gaseous hydrocarbon detection in water. In the offshore oil and gas environment, SNIFFIT  is an essential tool for detection of gaseous leaks from pipelines and other subsea installations. The simple to operate system is designed for easy fitting aboard ROVs, AUVs and other underwater vehicles. Measurements are made directly by the SNIFFIT  system and results are displayed in real-time via the user-friendly software package.