HYPER BOX enables a multitude of additional applications on an offshore mesh network such as videotel, video recording, stream to shore, video conferencing, chat, file sharing, automatic file syncing, etc.
All of these features are managed through a very powerful but easy-to-use web interface.



Videotel on steroids
Every Hyper Box has analog and digital video input connectors which allow nearly all industry-standard video feeds to be captured. When a video feed is being captured by a Hyper Box it is available to all other Hyper Boxes for playback, recording or output on a digital or analog connector. Video feeds can be streamed over VSAT to nCentric’s video streaming datacenter for simultaneous internet playback worldwide.

Communication features
Clients connected to a Hyper Box can set up a voice and video conferencing session privately (or in a group) through the easy to use web interface (no additional applications needed). P2P file sharing and chat is also available.

Extensive file sharing and syncing
Every Hyper Box has 500 GB of high speed flash storage which can be accessed using all industry standard file sharing protocols (FTP, CIFS, NFS) or using the file manager in the web interface. Folders can be automatically synced between Hyper Boxes to allow seamless and instant file sharing between assets.

Serial broadcast
Up to five serial connectors are available on the Hyper Box which can be used for in – or output. Serial data streams can be shared in the network and output on a local serial connector.



  • Easy to use web interface can be used by anyone
  • Analog video input
  • Analog video output
  • Digital video input (HDMI 1.4, can be converted to DVI, VGA, HD-SDI, etc.)
  • Digital video output (HDMI 1.4, can be converted to DVI, VGA, HD-SDI, etc.)
  • Video conferencing, chat, P2P file sharing between individual Blackbox clients or in group rooms
  • Stream all available video inputs in an nCentric mesh network to selectable video outputs
  • Stream to shore
  • Automatic file sharing and syncing between Hyper Box storage pools

Technical information

Unit type: Indoor unit
Storage: 500 GB flash storage (expandable to 1000 GB)
File sharing: FTP, NFS, CIFS
Video conferencing: up to 4 simultaneous users
Stream-to-shore: up to 2 simultaneous video streams
Serial: 4 x RS-232/422/485, 1 x RS-232/485, 1 x RS232

Encoding: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
Web viewer: up to 4 simultaneous video streams
Analog input:
» CVBS Composite, Y/C S- Video
» NTSC, PAL, and SECAM color demodulation
» Interlaced or progressive
» 704 x 480, 720 x 576
» 30 FPS
Analog output:
» CVBS Composite, Y/C S- Video
» 704 x 480, 720 x 576
Digital input and output:
» HDMI 1.4
» 1080p@30Hz, 1080p@25Hz
» 1080i@60Hz, 1080i@50Hz, 1080i@30Hz
» 720p@60Hz, 720p@50Hz, 720p@30Hz

Internal WiFi antenna:
» Frequency 2.4 – 2.49 GHz and 5.75 – 5.85 GHz
» Gain 8.0 dBi at 5.8 GHz; 6.0 dBi at 2.4 GHz
» Polarization linear vertical

Multicast (emulated):
Support for SNMP, ICMP, HTTP, ARP, TCP, UDP, Telenet, TFTP
DHCP Server / Relay and DHCP Client
DNS Relay / Proxy