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Tritech StarFish 453 OEM

The StarFish 453 OEM

The StarFish OEM side scan sonar has been developed for bespoke integrations and offers impressive coverage and crisp images with a 450kH operational frequency.

CHIRP transmission as per standard models and 100 meter range this is a comprehensive side scan for your ROV or AUV.

The system comprises two self contained transducer elements and the StarFish electronics circuit board, allowing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to add sonar capabilities to their own products.

Simple Integration
In addition to the two transducer connectors, the electronics board only requires a power supply (from 9 to 28V DC) and a USB data connection to the controlling PC.

In additional to integration with our Scanline software package, a Software Development Kit (SDK), Windows DLL library and diagnostic toolkit are provided to assist developers integrate the sonar into their systems.

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