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Tritech Gemini 720id – Multibeam Imaging Sonar (4000M)

The deep-rated version of the popular Gemini 720i real-time multibeam imaging sonar, Gemini 720id utilises an array of transducers to provide a 120° constant and crisp field of vision of the underwater scene ahead.

Gemini 720id has an integrated sound velocity sensor which that assists in providing the sharpest real-time images possible and range readings of the highest accuracy. Gemini 720id also provides accurate measurements crucial in subsea construction and engineering applications. Gemini 720id can be integrated with a variety of world-class ROVs, including older models, through the use of Ethernet or VDSL communications.

Gemini 720id can be run with the Tritech Seanet Pro software package, allowing the Gemini to be networked with other Tritech sensors. A standalone Gemini software package is also available which offers users a tailored control and display interface. The standalone Gemini software offers features common with Seanet Pro such as data recording/ playback, screen capture, Range & Gain control, colour palette selection, cursor reporting and in addition offers an image filtering capability.

There is also the option to upgrade the standalone Gemini software to the Gemini SeaTec software for target tracking applications. Gemini SeaTec is specifically designed to detect the probability of objects and subsequently classifies such targets. Applications using the Gemini SeaTec software have included the tracking and detection of marine life around subsea turbine structures.

A software development kit is also available for autonomous vehicle operations.
The Gemini 720id technology is also available as a shallow-rated sonar.

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